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SRVSOP – Thirtieth Ordinary Meeting of the General Board (JG/30)

Asunción, Paraguay 03/December -3/December/ 2017

Provide information on the work program of SRVSOP; review progress of activities and approval of the budget for the following year

Order of Business
Convening SA5945
Informe Final
Informe Final JG/30
Informacion General
General Information
Registration Form
Nota de Estudio
NE/ 1Review of General Board agreements
NE/ 2Item 1: Review of General Board agreements
NE/ 3Item 2: Administrative and financial status of the project
NE/ 4Item 3: Annual evaluation of the SRVSOP and RCPF/15 results
NE/ 5Item 3: Status of implementation of LAR harmonisation and adoption
NE/ 6Item 4: 2018 Programme of Activities
NE/ 7Item 4: Training activities with the CAA of Israel
NE/ 8Item 4: Difficulties for the secondment of experts for technical assistance activities
NE/ 9Item 5: Election of the new Chairperson of the General Board